Posted by: XCom Global, Inc. | September 7, 2011

MiFi in Australia

Check out Matt Long’s (LandLopers) awesome review of our MiFi unit he took down under!



A major concern on any trip is how I will connect to the internet while traveling. This is further exacerbated when I travel overseas when my iPhone suddenly becomes an impossibly expensive way of staying in touch. Hotels are notorious for outrageous internet connection fees and while there are free wifi spots, they’re not always convenient. That’s why I’m thrilled with the advent of the mobile hotspot.

Before my recent trip to Australia, I reached out to Xcom Global to inquire about their MiFi Mobile Hotspot. They generously allowed me to play around with one at no cost on the trip to see how it works in the real world.

We didn’t waste any time and set up the mobile hotspot within minutes of arriving at our first stop in Sydney. Setting it up amounted to no more than turning it on and both of us were immediately able to connect to our computers at the same time with extremely fast connection speeds. We continued to use the mobile hotspot throughout the trip, from hotels to airports without any problems. Before I left I knew that we wouldn’t be able to utilize it in the Outback, but was surprised when we had great service at Ayers Rock. It didn’t work as well in Kings Canyon or Alice Springs, but that was fully expected. (they have service maps on their website so you can check before you rent to make sure it’ll work for you)

Overall, we were thrilled with the Xcom Global service and are now loyal customers. Not only was it easy to use no matter where we were, it saved us a lot of money. The Xcom Global Unlimited access plan provides unlimited data usage for $14.95 a day. This is further reduced if you’re traveling longer than 14 days. Compare that to what it would have cost us at our hotels:

Sydney – $24.95 per day
Alice Springs – $10 per hour or $30 for 24 hours
Ayers Rock – $10 per hour or $30 for 24 hours
Melbourne – $10 per hour or $30 for 24 hours

We saved more than $100 and were able to use the mobile hotspot wherever we went, not just in our hotel rooms. I can’t believe I haven’t use something similar before now.

Xcom Global currently offers the hotspot for more than 67 countries around the world, allowing for up to five devices to connect simultaneously at high connection speeds. Plus, the device is small, lightweight and easy to carry. I usually slid it in my vest pocket.

Xcom Global also offers a Euro SIM card enabling travelers to visit multiple European destinations using a single device. I obviously haven’t used this product yet, but I definitely will when I next visit the Continent.

Mobile hotspots really are a must for anyone going on vacation. Not only are they cheaper than hotel internet options, but they offer a lot more freedom.

Have you used something similar on your trips? What do you think of them?


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